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Fiction posts from now on will be locked. If you'd like to read in order to judge whether you'd like to add me or not, several of my longer works have un-locked first chapters.

If you want me to friend you please comment here. I also do "provisional" friending; that is, I will friend you for the duration of one week, or for any duration to your specification, so you can read my works. So if you are only interested in a particular story (or stories), and don't want me permanently on your friends list feel free to PM me or drop a comment here, on the story's master post if it has one, or on my general fiction masterpost if it is one of my smaller works. If you want me to add you permanently after a "provisional" friending, please tell me. The opposite is true too; if you ever wish for me to de-friend you, simply send me a PM.

Please do not save copies of my works or redistribute them. If you want a portable copy of any of my works I will make one for you if the story is complete. This is so that I can control the quality of the portable copies and so I know who has them. The PDFs of any complete works that I make will also include any extra content that I've produced (if any) as well as a cover etc. Further, I keep my journal locked (now, at least) so I can control who sees my stories. Please respect my wishes.

Edit 3/3/17: Guys, I'm still around and adding people. Don't worry.
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Title: Witchstone
Rating: T
Genre: Contemporary, Urban Fantasy

Summary: One of the unfortunate truths in life is that if someone dumps a war on your doorstep at five in the morning, well, you're kind of stuck with it. Especially if that war comes in the form of a mostly naked man and that man just happens to be one of the most powerful beings in the city.

And your ex.

Another unfortunate truth: No matter how poorly things ended, you're going to wind up scraping his scrawny ass off the cement and dragging him in off your doorstep. And, of course, that's when the real trouble begins.

Chapter 1: The Ex
Chapter 2: The Stone
Chapter 3: The Chase
Chapter 4: The Detective
Chapter 5: The Emissary
Chapter 6: The Seer
Chapter 7: The Lord
Chapter 8: The Uncanny
Chapter 9: The Crows
Chapter 10: The Trial
Chapter 11: The Snake

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So I'm thinking about posting fic again.

And some life changes )

[Poll #2063899]

Enough about me. How are you all doing?
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It's a short story, not a novel or anything, and literary not my usual genre (read: slash) work, but I've been submitting to magazines for a few months now and I got my first acceptance. I just felt like bragging a little bit.
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Just wishing all of you a very merry Christmas.
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I didn't write anything for Psychopomp, but I do have a couple of drawings.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] r_a_parker at TSP Special: Psychopomp (A Halloween Anthology)


Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.

Last year, T.Spoon brought thrills and chills with 'MINE', a Halloween anthology. This year, the author of such classics as 'Present' and 'Wanderlust' brings to you more tales of blood and revenge from beyond the grave. Inside these covers lie vengeful ghosts, a death goddess, an alien with a taste for the exotic, secret rooms, and many more.

As always, thank you to all the authors that participated (Cat, Jaolynn, Ritaxis, Wanda, RDHero, Ani, and Voidmancer). And to the artists (Eggage, G, Rae, Dak, and San). Without you guys there'd be no anthology.

Our editors were Ani, Potatoe, Z, and Cat. Thank you for your last minute edits. I can't believe you guys managed to have real life and help out so much. And finally, thanks to Parker for arranging and organizing it into a readable format. With an awesome cover to boot too.

Warnings: Lots of violence in this one and a bit of gore... well, in some cases a lot of it. Dubcon warnings abound.
Rating: Mature to Ultra Mature
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For anyone who wondered where I disappeared to recently, this may or may not have contributed to my absence.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] r_a_parker at TSP Special: Wanderlust (A Travel Anthology)


Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.


Whether it's stepping around a corner, crossing an ocean or travelling to another dimension, we're always looking for that next horizon to conquer, which is what inspired T.Spoon to write Wanderlust. Behind this cover lies a collection of short, long and epically long stories that explore what it means to step outside your comfort zone, to leave behind everything you know to explore the unknown, or to find that one place where you belong. In this anthology you'll meet time travellers and illegal aliens, covert operatives and magic knights, inadvertent superheroes and intrepid porn actors.


As with previous anthologies, T. Spoon is made up of a bucket load of talented authors and artists. So a tremendous thank you to, in no particular order, BlueGhostGhost, Berthablue, Ais, Ania, Jaolynn, Voidmancer, G, Zeffy, ManicDak, Parker, Medeni, Coz, Dusk Peterson, Plumblossom .

Special thanks to Ania, Potatoe and Zeffy. Ania, Potatoe, and Zeff for editing their way through the tsunami of words and plot. And an extra bit of thanks to Zeff for her organization skills and for literally drawing tags out of a hat.

Finally, this anthology is dedicated to the comm. You guys are all absolutely amazing and brilliant and wonderful. Thank you for making the community what it is.

Warnings:copious amounts of plot, happily ever afters, not so happily ever after, angst/fluff/snark
Rating: From Everyone all the way to Mature
Length: ~100k overall (YEAH, we know, we're kind of appalled and amazed too)
Note: If you wonder why it sometimes seems like the writer just threw together random plot points, that's because they did. For this anth, we randomly picked out four of TSP's story +tags for the authors (and two for artists) and said, "make a coherent plot out of this." And somehow they did. It's kind of magical.
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Day of Porn is a go! Everyone should participate. :D

This is my prompt post, as usual. The usual rules apply, of course. If I don't finish by the the 16th, I will keep working on them but won't take any more prompts on. Anyone can ask. :)

*Requests open: give me a few key words, genre(s), trope(s), character(s) (my own, or give traits, or if you want fanfiction it'll depend on if I know the characters), situation(s), picture(s), and/or any other type of prompt. Closed
*All ratings.
*No noncon, mpreg, vore, scat/watergames/bukake or any kinks that make me uncomfortable (which is, of course subjective but I will tell you.)
*Will do incest, poly, age gap, anthro (but not bestiality), tentacles, light BDSM/kink - mileage may vary.
*Ask as many times as you want.

Note: I probably won't respond to comments left on here, other than prompts, but thank you if you do leave a comment!

Completed drabbles will be linked here

The Hipsters. Awkward. Snarky, but sweet. Thrift store.
age gap, espionage, superhero
skeleton key, mystery, age gap, incest, wooden box
Charles Xavier / Erik Lehnsherr (X-Men, any version) - light BDSM, Charles in control and Erik loving it
incest/demons/summer vacation
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Here's a list of art resources I've collected. Not many as of yet, but I'll keep updating it. Everything will be free/on the internet.

Read more... )


Feb. 20th, 2012 02:38 am
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler at *blinks*

Why does googling 'watch coat' get me a picture of two guys having slightly acrobatic sex?

But! Today's websites of awesome are: Sock Dreams  - So. Many. Fabulous. Socks.

And The Gentleman's Emporium (and indeed the associated Ladies' and Steampunk Emporiums) - all the pretty clothes and hats and accessories. If only I were rich. Actually, the prices look pretty good (if you ignore the extra for postage), but I don't have cash to spend on awesome Victorian-era-replica clothing, alas.

Because Dibbs had the gall to torture me with these fabulous links. And because obviously I hate you all. Now suffer with me.
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Again, [livejournal.com profile] the_slash_pile has an anthology at hand for the holidays! We decided to make it a winter anthology rather than a Christmas one, to be all encompassing.

Happy holidays!
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or some approximation thereof.

A few news things:

- I'm more or less off of hiatus.

- Negative Space is back on regular(ish) posting.

- Divine Intervention, Corporate Bonds, and Habeus Corpus put on hold until I finish my old stories (namely Rog, NS, and Doctor, Doctor.) Or at least I won't work on them with any regularity.

- I'm now a junior! \o/

- I will be holding a livestream for [livejournal.com profile] the_slash_pile on the 27th, at 11am PST. Come and visit, if you want, the link is in my side bar. It may be NSFW depending on the types of requests I get. If you don't know what livestream is, basically it records what I'm doing on my computer and makes it a video stream in real time. I will be drawing.

- In more TSP news, something special may just appear on that same day...

- Apparently mailing things on time is for chumps. That's not how I roll.

- I may start posting these sorta news thingies every few months or so instead of including them at the top of stories...

- Happy holidays! :D Give me a short (a sentence or even a word) drawing prompt and I'll draw it during the livestream, even if you don't come to it.
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So for the past couple weeks, a few of us at [livejournal.com profile] the_slash_pile's chat have been working on some things.

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Megan and Sasha gave me tokens to change my name! (And as to which I'm choosing, the poll was rather decisive--grimmsical won.)

I drew them gifts and I'd like to take the opportunity to lavish them my gratitude publicly! Haha.

Thank you so much, you rock.

and the pictures, if you care. )
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Title: Habeus Corpus (or Bumps in the Night)
Rating: T
Genre: Monster 'Verse, Humor/Satire/Parody, Crime
Prompt(s): Was prompted by [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone

Summary: Being a ghoul isn't anyone's definition of fun, and Harvey's tired of carting around luggage and yappy dogs. Ralph has a solution. Now they just have to be careful that nobody loses a leg (not that it couldn't be sewn back on.)

Notes: Title suggested by [livejournal.com profile] raeraesama.

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Title: Divine Intervention
Rating: MA/NC17
Genre: Superhero 'Verse, Crime Thriller

Summary: Jackson works for the Suits, an organization of agents that may or may not work for the government, created to keep supers in check. Jackson's never questioned it, all he wants is to keep under the radar and maybe get promoted, but between murders, criminal organizations, and a superhero that just won't stop groping him, he might not get the chance.

Notes: Takes place ten years or so after Negative Space.

1, 2, 3
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Title: Corporate Bonds
Rating: T~MA
Genre: Monster 'Verse, Contemp, Supernatural, Drama, Humor
Summary: All his life, Declan has given up everything to help his father and his company. Now he's being forced to give up his freedom too, maybe more--perhaps more than he's willing to sacrifice.

Notes: Prompted by something [livejournal.com profile] maderr said. "So I read a story recently that was a vampire/werewolf we hate each other but we're bonded! thing. This is a not uncommon thing in paranormal fics, obviously. But this story irked me, for the same reason a lot of them do." This is my (erm...intended) response.

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I like how I've already done or was planning to do most of this list already. Is that 25 each? Idk I'm too lazy to count, will do later. Might fix it up to match for prompts later, but in the time being, will not in case of fix'd *includes spoilers* (although you can pretty much guess which ones, if you've read most of what I write...)

Cut for length

that's what she said )
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in an effort to bump the drabble post from the top of my journal and because [livejournal.com profile] maderr posted a rant about it, here's a something I might work on. Derp. I need to focus on something. And finish this essay. Looking at maderr's post might spoil it, if you haven't seen it already. (edit: html!fail sorry about that, is now fix'd.)

Title: Corporate Bonds
Rating: T ~ M
Genre: contemp, supernatural, humor, drama
Contains: vampires, werewolves, (lions and tigers oh my)

here )


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